28 September, 2022

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Woman discovers secret room hidden behind bathroom cabinet

A TikTok video is going viral with footage showing a woman discovering a secret room in her bathroom.

People online have been left shocked after the woman, who goes by the username @cattccc, uploaded the short clip online alongside the caption: “We discovered a secret room in the coolest place.”

A woman discovered a secret room hidden behind a bathroom cabinet. Photo: TikTok/@cattccc

“Everybody has that one thing in their house that everybody thinks is so cool,” the woman says in the video.

She then pans the camera around the bathroom, showing a cabinet on wheels, which moves to show a ‘secret’ room with a skylight window.


“Can’t believe we’ve lived here for three months and only just discovered this,” the text over the top of the video reads.

Hidden room behind bathroom cabinet

She had been living there for three months before noticing it was there. Photo: TikTok/@cattccc

Many people were amazed at her find, with one person writing: “That’d be perfect to just lay there and listen to the rain hitting the window.”

When one person asked what the point of the room was, the woman replied: “It’s a really old house, I’m not sure why.”

“I’d buy the house just for that,” another person wrote.

Hidden room in London house

The hidden room features a skylight. Photo: TikTok/@cattccc

However, others were more skeptical of the video, with one person pointing out: “Can’t believe you didn’t notice you had two velux windows to the front of the house but only noticed one inside. It’s for escaping in a fire”.

“How could you not notice when there are literal wheels on the shelf?” another said.

It comes just a few weeks after another TikToker revealed the jaw-dropping discovery she made after feeling a breeze coming from behind the bathroom mirror in her New York City apartment.

Deciding to check it out, she lifted the mirror only to find a gaping hole in the wall, leading to a dark, open space beyond, with criss-crossed wires.

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