26 September, 2022

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Whole-home REMODELING SERVICES. Home Improvement and Renovation

We’re a full-service contractor who can transform your entire abode from floor to roof.

We offer Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling, Flooring, Fireplace finishing, Room Addition, Garage Conversion and much more.

Contact us today for:

✅ Kitchen remodeling – Whether you have outdated appliances, ugly flooring, or just lack the space to make your kitchen a gathering place.

✅ Bathroom remodeling – We’ll be your point of contact when you’re picking out your sink all the way to when we lay the final tile on your new bathroom floor.

✅ Basement remodeling – Many homeowners don’t understand what a finished basement can offer. Not only will it give your family extra space as well as improve the overall look of your lower level, but it can also help increase the overall value of your home should you decide to sell.

✅ Backyard renovations – If your backyard is in a sad state, or you are just looking to freshen it up, our services is the right choice for your backyard remodeling.

✅ Whole home renovations – Perhaps you’ve considered all the remodeling projects listed and finally have the means and time to go through with them. In that case, choose us for whole house renovations. Enjoy your newly renovated home!

We provide a professional Home Renovation service for homeowners and commercial customers.

Quality solutions for interior and exterior.

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🖼 Pictures of our work can be viewed at the link:
🔗 https://homerenovation-ny.com/raboty/