Top 11 Design & Interior Trends for 2022

Our homes are our sanctuaries, and refreshing them every now and again can be a great cathartic experience as you experiment with new tastes and take the chance to get creative.

So, if you’re ready to give your home a new look, take note – these current trends in interior design are set to take the world by storm in 2022.

1. Natural Materials

Many of us are still trying to achieve that connection and harmony with nature in our home. Country living is more popular than ever, and utilising warm woods, stone elements, natural textures and rustic industrial lights continues to be an effective way to invite a sense of the outside in.

Expanding your houseplant collection is also on the cards, as the popularity of leafy and hanging plants continues to rise. Adding plants to your interior is great to do at the beginning of a new year as it gives you that feeling of new life and provides a breath of fresh air!

2. Green Living Rooms

To complement all your new natural features, why not paint your living room with a refreshing green? Last year was all about the deep, dark, luxurious tones, but earthy tones can also bring a level of quiet sophistication and comfort to your living space.

Subdued, sage greens are right on trend for 2022, but we’ll likely see combinations of different greens cropping up, often paired with other earthier colours like terracotta, beige and deep browns.

3. 70s Interiors Influence

Speaking of earthy tones, this is a key element of the growing trend towards 70s designs.

More and more people are reaching for the iconic colours and shapes from this decade. We expect to see lots of low, rounded furniture or decor and 70s-inspired patterns on rugs and wallpaper.

4. Y2K Design Inspiration

Along with a resurgence in 70s design, we’re also seeing styles from the early 2000s make their way back into the interior design world. This look is primarily popular with the younger generation, and designers are taking note.

2022 will see more energetic colours and bold 2000s-inspired patterns with a modern twist, especially in bedroom designs.

5. Modern Minimalist Kitchens

Kitchens have become even more social spaces over the past two years as they embody the heart of the home. Keeping them free of clutter and highly functional remains an ever-desirable component of the modern kitchen.

Sleek countertops and cupboard doors with hidden handles add to this polished yet inviting look. Industrial kitchens remain popular and contribute to this sense of modern minimalism.

6. Cottagecore, Royalcore & Other ‘Core’ Aesthetics

Most people are familiar with cottagecore by now, and there’s no hint that it’s going away any time soon. It’s a look that taps into whimsy and encourages you to live a simpler, slow-downed life, often captured through nostalgic floral patterns and antique or second-hand furniture.

Contrasting against this country cottage vibe, we’re also beginning to see a rising interest in ‘royalcore’ which embraces luxurious fabrics, vibrant colours and statement-making lights, often with an emphasis on metallic details.

As individuality and personal expression in interior design become more overt, 2022 will see a rising interest in these more niche ‘core’ aesthetics.

7. Multifunctional Spaces

The home office is here to stay, so refining our space for dual purposes is a big trend that’ll carry on in 2022. The cobbled-together home office of lockdown will become a more permanent fixture, allowing people to get creative with their workspaces to create a stylish and productive environment.

Even small spaces tucked under stairs or in living room corners can be turned into highly-functional home offices when you invest in the right chair and desk setup along with smart storage options and the right kind of task lighting.

8. Textured Wallpapers

Boldly-patterned wallpapers have been on the rise for a couple of years now, with maximalist sensibilities prompting a more eclectic approach to pattern, but 2022 is the year for textured wallpapers!

This, one of the latest interior design trends, brings with it a move towards surrealistic and fantastical patterns, combining to create a sense of profound luxury and ultimate self-expression. 2022 will also continue to see the popularity of botanical-inspired wallpaper and wallhangings.

Get inspired to incoprate wallpaper into your home with our best wallpaper tips.

9. Dark Fixtures in Bathrooms

Silver faucets and fixtures have been the staple in bathrooms for previous years, but this emerging on-trend look takes a different approach.

Dark fixtures in the bathroom, especially matt black, contrast wonderfully against bright bathrooms, giving a sense of depth in a sometimes underutilised space in terms of design. This trend provides a sophisticated look and can be embraced for bathroom lights, taps and handles.

10. Upcycling Furniture & Shopping Mindfully

In the ever-more pressing quest to become more sustainable and eco-friendly, many are ditching cheap, poor quality furniture in favour of upcycling second-hand or antique pieces.

Designing our homes more mindfully is all about picking timeless pieces that are going to last. Many are also thinking about how they can customise or alter furniture or decor over time as their style and trends change, rather than throwing it away and buying something entirely new.

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11. Designing Outdoor Spaces

In line with the increasing desire to reconnect with nature and appreciate outdoor spaces more, many are considering how they can incorporate elements of interior design in their exteriors.

Because people are spending more time in their gardens and patios, previously neglected spaces are being given more attention, opening the door to exciting new design opportunities. Whether you invest in a stylish outdoor furniture set, take a little extra care with your plants or tie the space together with some outdoor lights, there are plenty of ways to embrace this trend.

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