28 September, 2022

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‘This does not end well’

A woman went to investigate a draft coming from her bathroom and ended up finding something truly terrifying behind her mirror.

Samantha Hartsoe, a TikToker living in New York City, decided to do some digging after she realized that no matter how high she turned the heat up, her apartment was still freezing cold. When she went into her bathroom, she discovered why.

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“I walk into my bathroom [and] I feel cold air blowing on me. There’s not a vent or anything,” she explained.

After moving around the bathroom and feeling around for bursts of air, Hartsoe found that the cold air was especially concentrated around the bathroom mirror. Therefore, she decided to take the mirror off the wall — and that’s when she came upon an opening that leads to another room.

“There’s a room back there,” Hartsoe exclaimed as she explored the newfound opening. “The weirdest part about this is they didn’t fill it on either side of this hole. I need more answers.”

To get more answers, Hartsoe decided to climb through the opening and explore the secret room. Once she made it to the other side, she discovered what appears to be another apartment with “trash bags of stuff” in it. This terrified Hartsoe — and pretty much everyone else on TikTok.

“That place does not pass the vibe check,” one person said. “I’m still scared for you.”

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“This does not end well,” another added.

Hartsoe’s saga even made its way over to Twitter, where many users noted that her story reminded them eerily of the plot of Candyman, in which the titular character is summoned by repeating his name five times while looking in the mirror.

As many people on Twitter noted, Candyman was inspired by real murders that took place in Chicago in the 1980s, in which the killer entered his victims’ apartments through holes in the wall covered by medicine cabinets. These secret passageways seem to be illegal now, so Hartsoe plans on confronting her landlord about the hole in her wall connecting her apartment to the one next door.

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