The Top 2023 Lighting Trends You Need To Know About

The right lights can act as the crowning jewel for your interiors, adding elegant highlights or statement features that bring your design dreams into focus. From eye-catching ceiling pendant lights to practical wall fixtures, there are many ways to light your home.

Our top lighting trends for 2023 align with overarching interior themes like comfortable living and sustainability, ensuring you can embrace warm, inviting styles. Discover some of our favourite lighting trends for the next year to see how versatile and diverse these styles can be.

We consider how you can start exploring the best 2023 lighting trends across the different rooms and spaces in your home. 

Kitchen Lighting Trends

The lighting in your kitchen should blend form and function, harmoniously combining with the style of the space – whether you favour modern farmhouse or sleek minimalist looks – while also providing the right kind of light to perform tasks like cooking and cleaning.

Cluster Lighting 

The kitchen is a great place to make a statement, with unique fixtures bringing a potentially-stark space to life. Cluster chandelier lights put a modern twist on the grandeur of traditional chandeliers – the diversity of shade styles and pendant configurations also means you can create a custom cluster light that’s suited to your kitchen. 

Hanging cluster lights over kitchen islands or kitchen dining tables is particularly effective at pulling focus and casting task lighting in the right places.  

Oversized Pendants

Singular large pendants, installed on their own or in a series of two or three, also continue to be popular kitchen trends. Oversized lights create drama and add dynamic layers to the space, breaking up high ceilings and illuminating surfaces. Giant dome lights remain an especially stylish choice.

Living Room Lighting Trends

Living room lights should help you achieve a comfy, welcoming atmosphere, with layers that brighten the space and those that create moments of softness and tranquillity. 

Globe & Bubble Lights

2023 will see the rise of globe and bubble lights. The soft rounded silhouettes are perfect for contributing to the sense of harmonious comfort that’s integral to the living room. Shades like this don’t intrude into the space and work to complement other rounded shapes expressed in your chairs or coffee tables. 

Glass Lights

Delicate glass lights are timeless and often make the rounds in trend lists. Over the coming months, we’re particularly looking forward to the use of glass lights in living rooms as they are ideal for creating a cosy atmosphere with purposeful subtlety. This is especially true of lights with tinted glass, whether it’s an amber, grey or opal white shade, as they’ll dim light for a subdued ambience. 

Bathroom Lighting Trends

Bathroom lighting doesn’t have to be purely functional. In fact, getting creative with your lighting choices can set the tone for a really special space, transforming drab bathrooms into spa-like retreats with the flick of a switch. 

Retro Lighting 

There’s no getting away from retro styles, especially in the bathroom! Bright, shining metal lights are perfect for capturing luxurious Art Deco looks, while caged fixtures or exposed bulb wall lights provide an effortless vintage or industrial aesthetic. Retro features bring character and a sense of freshness into your bathroom, making sure it’s not all about practicality. 

Brass Highlights 

Brass lights are wonderful additions to any style of bathroom, providing a nautical accent or sense of opulence, depending on the rest of your design. Lights with a striking brass finish give your bathroom new vibrancy, ideal for an interior makeover to start the season afresh. Combine brass lights with complementary metallic details like mirror frames, taps or handles for a cohesive and professionally-styled look. 

Bedroom Lighting Trends 

Bedrooms should be cosy and personality-driven; your bedroom lights will play a significant role in achieving a comforting space you can’t wait to return to at the end of the day. 

Double-Headed Wall Lights 

Wall lights installed on either side of the bed are bedroom mainstays, helping save space on bedside tables and functioning as convenient task lighting, but what about a double-headed wall light for double the impact? Metallic wall lights with two bulbs emerging from both ends of the holder are bold and brightening, perfect for cheering up your bedroom and tying other metal details and decor together. 

Lights Made from Natural Materials

Sustainability is a top priority for many design enthusiasts, so it’s no surprise that more natural materials are on the rise. Natural materials, whether it’s lights, rugs, throws or bedroom decor, can help bring a sense of serenity into what should be a relaxing space. For those that prefer a more striking, modern look, handcrafted metal lights made from recycled materials fit the bill perfectly.

Dining Room Lighting Trends 

Impressive dining room lights can turn regular mealtimes into something far grander, setting up your space for intimate dinners or evenings full of entertainment. 

Black Lights

Black-finish lights will prompt a striking and effortlessly sleek effect no matter which room they’re installed in but can provide particular drama when hung over dining tables. A row of large black pendants makes an undeniable impact without being distracting or obstructive. Black lighting styles also pair well with modern gothic decor and design, which is our number one interior trend set to take off in 2023!

Elegant Lighting

Lighting with clean lines and a fluid silhouette is beautiful in its simplicity, acting as the ideal complement to your more formal dining table. Pairing no-nonsense, elegant styles with a white opal finish will be particularly desirable as this helps create a stunning, subdued ambience while further highlighting the easy sophistication of the fixture.

Hallway Lighting Trends 

Hallways can often go overlooked when it comes to lighting, but hallway lights are essential for tying your interiors together and creating a sense of flow throughout your home – not to mention illuminating darker passages and corners. 

Statement Pendants

Unique statement lights and interesting pendants look great in hallways and entryways, taking a relatively basic space to glamorous new heights. Styling a single pendant with a large shapely shade is becoming a staple hallway trend, making the space a stylish feature on its own rather than just a route from one room to another. 

Bespoke Lighting 

Hallways vary greatly from one home to the next, with different ceiling heights and dimensions to consider. We expect more and more people to seek bespoke fixtures here to ensure they achieve the right look for their specific space and style. Customising a light means you can do things like get the right shade size, adjust pendant heights accordingly, choose the best number of pendants on a cluster fixture and select the right finish colour that’ll complement your other rooms. 

Outdoor Lighting Trends 

Lighting can do wonders for making an outdoor space like a patio, dining area or porch feel more welcoming and more like an extension of your home’s design theme rather than an afterthought.

Wall Lights to Create Zones 

Using wall lights in the garden is nothing new, but increasingly we’re seeing people using groups of wall lights to create different zones with a garden or outside area. This might mean using the same style light across the space or incorporating different designs in the various zones for increased delineation. Wall lights can be used like this to highlight dining or seating areas and shine a spotlight on garden features like planters or sculptures. 

Outdoor Pendants

Whether it’s for a fully-furnished garden room or an outside dining area, a pendant can offer a new perspective for your space. Pendant lights are bold, especially when used in the garden – they are unexpected yet tap into cosy outdoor living trends that more and more of us are experimenting with. Simple metal pendants or caged lantern-like fixtures are great options for outdoor spaces of any size, creating a burst of warmth and illumination.

Combine White Lights with Pantone’s Colour of the Year: Viva Magenta

Any 2023 design guide wouldn’t quite be complete without mentioning the Pantone Colour of the Year. The chosen colour for 2023 is ‘Viva Magenta’, a vivid red shade that brings a sense of empowerment and optimism to your interiors. This bold yet nature-inspired colour pairs beautifully with pastels and pale neutrals, giving it plenty of room to shine.

Whether you choose to incorporate the deep pink tone into your interiors in a big way via wall paint or prefer smaller highlights with art, textiles or hints of decor, lights with a sleek opal white finish are the ideal complement, balancing the powerful colour with sleek subtlety.

Here at Industville, we always have both eyes on the latest and future trends, so we can keep developing new pieces that’ll perfect your interiors! Hopefully, we’ve provided plenty of inspiration for those looking to update their lighting over the coming months.

If you want to harness any of the trends mentioned here, check out our diverse lighting collection to see options suitable for all rooms of the house.

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