Tips for Embracing the Copper Lighting Trend 2018

Metallic materials will always have a place in trendy, uber-cool design magazines, but this year introduces copper as the new black. When it comes to this season’s trends, copper is unparalleled and provides a welcome escape from the cold, stark stainless steel fixtures that have dominated interior design for far too long!

How to Make the Most of Copper in Your Home

Copper usually works best in kitchens and bathrooms, but, when integrated correctly, can become a credit to any room in the home.

Copper in the Kitchen

First and foremost, kitchens need to be practical, but they also need

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Bedroom Lighting Tips to Make Your Bedroom Feel Extra Cosy

Articulated wall light: This type of sconce is ideal, if you desire a focus on books or even turn to the ceiling and create an indirect lighting point.

Deflector Lamps: For bedside pendants, deflector lamps are an excellent option because they have a mirrored layer on the underside that avoids disturbing the eyes when lying down. 

Tube light bulb: For curtain or ceiling mouldings lighting, tubular bulbs are recommended instead of LED strips, as they cast light almost all around them, making the lighting softer and producing fewer shadows. 

LED strips: If the space in your room is

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Top 10 Tips On Bathroom Renovation


Renovating a bathroom can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be, especially with the right advice! Design expert, Sushma from @house_on_the_way, provides some of her tried and tested methods for creating stunning bathrooms, designed at a professional level.

When renovating your bathroom, it can feel like there are endless decisions to make – we’ve collated Sushma’s expert advice below to give you a useful place to start. With these expert tips, you’ll have a stylish space you can be proud of in no time!

1. Expert’s Tip: Measure Your Space

Before you do anything else, make

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Wallpaper Dos & Don’ts: Tips for Decorating Your Interiors | Design Trends 2022

The last few years have seen the rapid rise of maximalism in the mainstream design world, with more people steering away from minimalist colour palettes and simple motifs to instead opt for something that packs more of a visual punch.

One of the easiest ways to transform your interiors with this notion in mind is to incorporate wallpaper – think intricate patterns, bold colour combinations and eye-catching installations! However, decorating with wallpaper can be hard to get right, especially when certain patterns or kinds of wallpaper often seem to dip in and out of fashion.

We’ve rounded up some of

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