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IKEA’s Leap into the Future Exploring the World of IKEA Smart Home

IKEA, a name synonymous with stylish and affordable furniture, has taken a giant leap into the realm of smart homes. While renowned for its minimalist designs and accessible price points, IKEA has now introduced a range of smart home products that seamlessly blend functionality and aesthetics. Let’s delve into the fascinating world of IKEA Smart Home and see how it’s revolutionizing our living spaces.

The IKEA Smart Home Ecosystem

IKEA’s foray into the smart home arena involves a comprehensive ecosystem of interconnected devices and solutions. From lighting and blinds to speakers and smart plugs, IKEA Smart Home products cater to … Read More

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Tips for Embracing the Copper Lighting Trend 2018

Metallic materials will always have a place in trendy, uber-cool design magazines, but this year introduces copper as the new black. When it comes to this season’s trends, copper is unparalleled and provides a welcome escape from the cold, stark stainless steel fixtures that have dominated interior design for far too long!

How to Make the Most of Copper in Your Home

Copper usually works best in kitchens and bathrooms, but, when integrated correctly, can become a credit to any room in the home.

Copper in the Kitchen

First and foremost, kitchens need to be practical, but they also need

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Bedroom Lighting Tips to Make Your Bedroom Feel Extra Cosy

Articulated wall light: This type of sconce is ideal, if you desire a focus on books or even turn to the ceiling and create an indirect lighting point.

Deflector Lamps: For bedside pendants, deflector lamps are an excellent option because they have a mirrored layer on the underside that avoids disturbing the eyes when lying down. 

Tube light bulb: For curtain or ceiling mouldings lighting, tubular bulbs are recommended instead of LED strips, as they cast light almost all around them, making the lighting softer and producing fewer shadows. 

LED strips: If the space in your room is

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Bathroom Interior Design Trends & Lighting Ideas

Whether it’s an indulgent evening pampering yourself and soaking in a bubbling bath, a quick dash in and out of the shower before work or your regular nighttime routine, we spend a lot of time in our bathrooms. It’s one of the spaces in the house which invites you to relax and unwind. Therefore, the bathroom interior shouldn’t be something left to the last minute, it should be thought about thoroughly, to ensure the room is as practical as it is comfortable and stylish.

Deciding on your bathroom lighting is an important factor to consider when designing the space, not

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Bathroom Interior Design Lighting Trends 2022

Every year we see predictions for the interior design trends for the months ahead. If your bathroom needs an update, one of these trends for 2022 could be the perfect way to refresh your interior.

Why Is Bathroom Interior Important?

In modern times bathrooms are very much a multi-functional room, being both a practical space in the morning to carry out personal care and get energised for the day ahead, as well as a tranquil haven in which to relax during the evening.

Consider The Lighting

Lighting needs to reflect this challenge, and a good solution is to use

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The Top 2023 Lighting Trends You Need To Know About

The right lights can act as the crowning jewel for your interiors, adding elegant highlights or statement features that bring your design dreams into focus. From eye-catching ceiling pendant lights to practical wall fixtures, there are many ways to light your home.

Our top lighting trends for 2023 align with overarching interior themes like comfortable living and sustainability, ensuring you can embrace warm, inviting styles. Discover some of our favourite lighting trends for the next year to see how versatile and diverse these styles can be.

We consider how you can start exploring the best 2023 lighting trends across the

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