7 bedrooms that will make you feel at peace

Seamless and minimal are two words that characterize the zen style. In this case, less is more. This room, for example, has a platform bed, making the frame virtually invisible and only showcasing the bed linens and white pillows. The dark wooden wall not only adds a natural element but includes a small built-in shelf to house a few items, such as books while the rest of the room is completely bare, no side tables, desks or chairs, following the minimal zen style. A couple of spot lights and one hanging pendant lamp lights the room, but most of the

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42 photos of fantastic bedrooms furnished by the best Italian architects

There’s no denying how vital a good night’s sleep is for your health and productivity, but did you know that your bedroom design can directly affect how well you sleep and how revived you feel every morning? Interior designers are well aware of the impact that the right style choices can make and none more so than talented Italian designers, as these incredible spaces will prove! Regardless of whether you fancy a feminine, minimal or even industrial bedroom, there is a way to capture the aesthetic you love, while still creating a truly gorgeous and comfortable space, geared towards rejuvenating

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Bedroom decor: 8 incredible and unique bedrooms to copy!

For those who still have a childlike spirit to them, creating a whimsical and playful bedroom is perfect. Choose a fun color scheme to work with, such as this turquoise green and the sunny yellow, to create a lively space. A beautiful wall mural or fun wall decals will take this space to the next level, as we see here with the birds on a wire. Get creative with your bed, either with a fun headboard or even with a simple platform as we can see in this space. The linens and accessories should match the color scheme and but

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33 beautiful bedrooms that will wow you!

Bedroom is one of the most important living spaces where we spend a sizable chunk of our time. Our intimate private space, the bedroom
is where we relax and unwind. This is what makes it all the more significant to
ensure that the furniture, furnishings & decoration adorning the bedroom
are practically sound and visually appealing. Be it any style of designing the
interior of the bedroom- modern, rustic, classic, industrial or Scandinavian-
oodles of welcoming accents with fetching visuals is essential since it is our
hub of relaxation to recharge our batteries, and this what room decorators
& interior

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9 small but sassy bedrooms!

Room decorators & interior designers have time & again stressed on the fact that with a
little creativity and innovation, you can adorn any living space tastefully
such that it does not seem as if the size of the room was the limiting factor
in having the desired look. Small spaces require some optimization & smart
thinking for placing the furniture, selecting furnishings and decorating, and small
bedrooms are no exception. Every style of design- modern, rustic, classic, etc.-
offers ample scope for beautification in limited dimensions. Multifunctional
furniture, cushy furnishings & functional decor are some smart hacks to do

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10 fabulous bedrooms that you simply HAVE to see before redesigning yours!

Bedroom is one such private space that needs to radiate comfort & repose in a tasteful manner, so that after a hectic day at work, one can
rejuvenate completely. Room decorators & interior designers have always
emphasized on visually appealing coziness, when doing up a bedroom. Irrespective
of the room size, color palette employed & style adopted for decor- modern,
rustic, eclectic, etc., the welcoming snug elegance is what makes the bedroom a
desirable sanctum for absolute relaxation. Not only embellishments, but the
furniture & furnishings play a key role as well.

This homify article brings to you 10 such

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20 small bedrooms that display BIG style

How to decorate a small room. That really is a burning question, isn’t it? Of course, we all have a few ideas in our heads, but when it comes to turning a tiny space into a beautiful and modern bedroom, it can be tricky to get the balance right, which is why we decided to look at how interior designers do it! We’ve taken particular inspiration from designers in the New York area, as they regularly contend with tiny apartment and boy, do we think we’ve found a host of incredible ideas for you to be inspired by! 

If you

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