9 Design mistakes to avoid in your bedroom

Everyone goes through a furniture-shopping phase when they want to buy a million things
for their bedroom. It can be a cute lamp, a candle stand, an ornate picture
frame… or many other odds and ends. But ask yourself if you really need that
accessory. Exactly what function will it serve? Don’t use too many décor items
or you will end up with an extremely cluttered bedroom.

if you have committed any of the above mistakes, or were about to, get a grip
and get it right! It’s a cakewalk to have the perfect bedroom if you remember

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20 incredible wall designs for a master bedroom

Brick was once very common to build a house, but as times changed this burnt red material has been used
for aesthetics. So if you are lucky enough to have exposed brick in your
bedroom, then you need to take full advantage of this vintage style. These
days, exposed brick has become extremely trendy and can be found in many high
end lofts in Brooklyn and London, for example. You can either leave this
material in its purest form, as a burnt red, or paint it over to match the rest
of the bedroom, as we see here. A simple

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15 ways to include a television in your bedroom

Some people say it’s a no-no, whereas others simply can’t live without a television in their bedroom, so today we are going to show you how you can stylishly include a little technology in the most relaxing room in the house. Interior designers have become adept at either hiding or making televisions look a little less bulky and obvious, within bedroom spaces, so we are going to show you some of the best examples of sleep-zone camouflage out there and see which inspires your next decorating project. Don’t forget that a television can stop you from getting a good night’s

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Bedroom Sets – 5 Interior Styles to Indulge In

Simple, sleek, clean, sexy while delving into the theory of “less is more” is exactly what minimalist style is all about. To archive this look, keep your bedroom uncluttered, clean and streamlined. When choosing your bedroom sets for this style, the most important thing is to hold one single color. White or neutral cream shades would be an ideal choice. Every single piece of furniture is specifically selected to perform a function; such as creating a seamless look or providing functional storage in a subtle way.

Keeping it simple allows you to display one show-stopping decorative piece and sets the

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Bedroom decor: 8 incredible and unique bedrooms to copy!

For those who still have a childlike spirit to them, creating a whimsical and playful bedroom is perfect. Choose a fun color scheme to work with, such as this turquoise green and the sunny yellow, to create a lively space. A beautiful wall mural or fun wall decals will take this space to the next level, as we see here with the birds on a wire. Get creative with your bed, either with a fun headboard or even with a simple platform as we can see in this space. The linens and accessories should match the color scheme and but

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Bedroom decoration: 5 simple accessories to add personality to your bedroom

When it comes to bedroom decoration, creativity & a personal touch are uncontested winners anytime. Bedroom is your intimate space where you let your hair down, rejuvenate yourself and
spend quality time with your loved one. It follows that the bedroom design
needs to be such that soothing elegance is conveyed in a tasteful manner, in keeping
with the contemporary trends & the requisite cozy ambiance. Time &
again, interior designers and room decorators have emphasized on keeping it
simple by using functional elements in the bedroom that add to the palliative
flair in a finessed manner, whatever be the

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Bedroom designs that guarantee relaxation and a great night’s sleep

There’s simply no getting away from the fact that a predominantly white bedroom is the key to creating a fresh and restful space that you can’t wait to sink into at the end of a long day. Let’s not forget that a bright bedroom is always a joy to wake up in as well! The interior designer that curated all of these bedrooms had such a great handle on how to use white, in conjunction with bright accent colors and funky patterns that we had no option but to collate some of our favorite spaces, to show you today! We

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6 ways to create your perfect Winter bedroom

Come winters and we long for those steaming cups of coffee & hot chocolate while curled up in the cushy bed with our
choicest reads, as the warmth from the fireplace/ heating system completes the
cozy picture. We do not need any interior designers or room decorators to tell us
that a warm, snug bedroom is essential, particularly in winters when the
outdoors are covered in a white blanket of snow. In such a scenario, heated
home interiors—especially living room & bedroom- extend an enticing invite to stay indoors.

This homify article offers
you 6 amazing ways in which you

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7 great color palettes: surprising bedroom neutrals

Of late, home design professionals & clients are all bowing to the might of neutral colors when
it comes to creating tasteful interior spaces. More often than not, room
decorators & home-owners opt for honing in on the neutral look particularly
for private spaces like the bedroom & the family room. Time & again,
neutral colors have successfully proven that simple can be extremely sassy and
that muted, sober tones need not always mean compromising on the style
quotient. Whatever be the style of interiors – classic, modern or
Mediterranean- the smart usage of neutral hues can transform a plain

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10 great ideas to jazz up a small square bedroom

Time & again, home professionals have vouched for the fact that even with the best of
architectural design, a small room is always a challenge to decorate. And if
the room is square shaped, it becomes even trickier considering that symmetry has a
key role to play. Be it the living room, bedroom, or the kitchen, and
irrespective of the style employed for interior design, tastefully dolling up
small sized interior spaces takes more than the conventional room decor.

decorators & interior designers have often stressed on the creative aspect
when it comes to decking up small living spaces.

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Bedroom Lighting Tips to Make Your Bedroom Feel Extra Cosy

Articulated wall light: This type of sconce is ideal, if you desire a focus on books or even turn to the ceiling and create an indirect lighting point.

Deflector Lamps: For bedside pendants, deflector lamps are an excellent option because they have a mirrored layer on the underside that avoids disturbing the eyes when lying down. 

Tube light bulb: For curtain or ceiling mouldings lighting, tubular bulbs are recommended instead of LED strips, as they cast light almost all around them, making the lighting softer and producing fewer shadows. 

LED strips: If the space in your room is

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