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Spring is nearly here! Prepping your garden for a great season

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) – Spring officially starts on Saturday. With nice weather in the forecast, you may be thinking it’s time to catch up on your garden chores.

With planting season sneaking up, add fertilizing to your to-do list.

Dennis Mcelderry, the owner of Mac’s Lawn & Tree Care, said, “This is the optimum time because the grass is vigorously growing now, out of the winter.”

There is little rain in the forecast next week, so your fertilizer will not wash off the lawn.

“Aerating the soil would be good right now. Especially as wet as it is in the soil, the plugs will come out nice. Get those flowerbeds ready,” Mcelderry said.

Theta Steinert, the owner of Steinert’s Greenhouse & Gardens, said, “Get out there, get it dug up, get it turned, add nutrients you want to add.”

Turning the soil will help regulate the temperature in the ground. Putting warm topsoil below, it will also help to distribute any nutrients.

Clear out all the weeds, brush, and leaves before you start tilling.

If you’re itching to put the green thumb to use, some perennials are safe to plant. Keep in mind, if there is a frost the leaves may be damaged. Check with your local greenhouse to see which plants can stand up to a freeze.

“They can plant spinach now.. Can plant some kale, some lettuce,” Steinert said.

Hold off for now on planting annuals until the last frost, which is around April 15.

After that, get your plants in a hurry. Greenhouses are expecting a busier planting season.

“People are learning, not only is it good for you to get out and work-up a sweat, but think of the fresh vegetables you’re getting there,” Steinert said.

Steiner said they’re already noticing a slight shortage of seeds. Buy your seeds early. You can keep them fresh by putting them in a Ziploc bag in the fridge.

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