28 September, 2022

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Home » Save Up to 70{77ce8f5c13f5afba9075485d3cf7c497b0ab33a4437bbe9a3594fe3360863398} On These 10 Essential Garden Tools | The Weather Channel – Articles from The Weather Channel

Save Up to 70{77ce8f5c13f5afba9075485d3cf7c497b0ab33a4437bbe9a3594fe3360863398} On These 10 Essential Garden Tools | The Weather Channel – Articles from The Weather Channel

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Warmer weather is just around the corner, which means it’s time to show your garden some love. The world is full of some pretty marvelous gardens, and while the one you’re building in your backyard may not compare to the Yuyuan Garden in Shanghai, China, that doesn’t mean you can’t try.

Whether you are new to gardening or a seasoned expert, here are 10 must-have garden tools that are on sale for a limited time.

These shears are the best of both worlds. You can use them to trim some plants, as well as gather herbs for your evening dinner. These high-quality shears are made out of stainless steel and Pradu wood, and their on sale for a limited time

Get the Thai Kitchen & Garden Shears for $34.99 (reg. $38).

This garden hose can shoot eight different patterns, including mist and shower. It’s expandable, so it’ll become much longer once water is flowing through. It’s easy to store and easy to reach even the farthest parts of your garden. No plant will be left thirsty!

Get the Flexi Hose Expandable Garden Hose & Nozzle for $44.99 (reg. $49).

These lights are a great addition to any dark pathways in your garden. They’re solar-powered, so you can rest easy knowing your energy is clean. The six lights automatically turn off and on with the sun’s patterns.

Get the Signature Garden Solar Garden Lights (6-Pack) for $44.99 (reg. $49).

This heavy-duty nozzle features eight settings to meet whatever your needs may be. The rubber insulation also allows you to use both cold or hot water, and you can adjust the water flow directly on the nozzle for easy backyard maintenance.

Get the Signature Garden Heavy-Duty Spray Nozzle for $20.99 (reg. $22).

Gardening is a tough business and can be uncomfortable for those of us with sensitive knees and joints. This seat provides a cushion while out in the yard, as well as a seat to make sure you’re taking care of your body while doing what you love. It’s a great gift for family members who love to garden or your elderly neighbor who may appreciate a little extra support.

Who gets down on all fours to garden anymore? The future lies in vertical planters. Upgrade your personal garden with this three-tier garden bed made out of natural solid wood. Each tier’s size increases as it goes down so you can beautifully display a variety of plants and herbs.

Get the 3-Tier Freestanding Elevated Planter for $109.99 (reg. $159).

You don’t need to invest in a giant greenhouse to begin exploring the value of one. This portable greenhouse includes eight shelves to grow your plants. It’ll allow your plants to thrive despite cloudy skies or dropping temperatures. It’s also waterproof, so you can be sure it’ll stay safe during rainstorms.

Get the Portable Mini Greenhouse for $74.99 (reg. $139).

If you’re a serious gardener, then you’re likely familiar with how physically draining a major plant haul can be. Don’t worry about carrying all your fruits, veggies, and herbs by hand. Tuck them in this wagon. Or, use it to transport your tools. You could even use it to drop off produce to a neighbor. Everyone loves fresh fruits and veggies!

Get the Collapsible Outdoor Utility Wagon for $94.99 (reg. $139).

If you want to add a special touch to your garden or yard, this elevated planter is a great option. Made out of fir wood and equipped with drain holes to ensure your plants can thrive, this piece will help make your flowers and herbs pop.

Get the Elevated Planter Box With Gardening Shelf for $139.99 (reg. $399).

Anyone who’s spent time outdoors during the Spring knows how annoying pests can be. This lantern will take care of bugs while also acts as a lantern if you find yourself gardening during sunset. Its charge lasts 19 hours and is waterproof, making it safe for any weather.

Get the 3-in-1 Waterproof Bug Zapper Lantern (Green/2-Pack) for $44.99 (reg. $99).

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