26 September, 2022

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Planning will make for smooth home-improvement projects

Spring has arrived, and many may be thinking about starting a home-improvement project to go along with blooming trees and warmer weather.  

Before beginning any construction, be it a new home addition, patio or deck, garage, pool, fence or other home-improvement project, please contact the community development department at 614.939.2254 to determine if a permit will be necessary. 

For projects like decks, patios, pools and fences, permit applications need to include: 

• a residential application form 

• two copies of scaled drawings indicating the dimensions of the project 

• two copies of a site plan showing the project (with distances marked from the rear and side yard setbacks of the property)  

• a description of the exterior materials to be used for the project. 

These items are necessary to show the project will comply with all applicable zoning restrictions.