June 19, 2021

Bereza Fire

Glorious home improvement

Photos: High above the streets of New Orleans a garden blooms on the rooftop of the S&WB building | Photos

The Sewerage and Water Board downtown building at St. Joseph Street and St. Charles features a green roof, which can store up to 15,450 gallons of rain water before releasing it into the city’s drainage system. Green infrastructure like this helps the gray infrastructure, which includes things like pipes and pumps. Green roofs and other types of green infrastructure help slow down and hold storm water, which eases the burden on the city’s aging infrastructure. It also adds an attractive element to urban landscapes and helps local species of plants and insects thrive. 

Five years ago, the Sewerage and Water Board began work on their green roof and today the Environmental Department is seeing the fruits of their – and their partner organizations’ – labor. The gardens feature Louisiana Irises, Calla Lillies, creeping phlox, sage, aloe vera and much more. Sewerage and Water Board Senior Planners, Grace Vogel and Cameron Bonnett, check the roof often to see what’s working and to make future plans for plantings. 

Every drop makes a difference when it comes to slowing the flow of stormwater. Residents can find resources and share ideas at www.everydropnola.com