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PHOTOS: Cute “Happy Fair with Baymax” Decor On Display at Tokyo Disneyland

The Happy Fair with Baymax is finally on at Tokyo Disneyland, and there’s decor all over Tomorrowland to celebrate this one-time mini-event! From incredible trash cans to cute statues of Mochi the cat, there’s plenty of Baymax for everyone!

Otherwise occupied by seldom-used payphones, a small area in Tomorrowland next to Pan Galactic Pizza Port features these banners, a lantern, a map, and even a wraparound along the building’s rim!


The map itself shows major Tomorrowland attractions, shops, and locations with Baymax decor.


Near Space Mountain, we can find one of the Happy Fair’s photo spots, complete with an adorable sleepy Mochi statue! Some Guests could be seen posing their plush Mochis sold last year next to the plastic statue.


Also, all trash cans and plastic bottle bins have been outfitted with these trash can wraps previously teased last year. The plastic bin covers in particular feature decals that transfer the holes for bottles into Baymax’s eyes!


On columns all around Tomorrowland, decals featuring Baymax himself as well as Space Mountain and the Happy Fair with Baymax logo create cute photo spots to commemorate your event.


Even the ice cream carts have been redecorated with decals and a new menu board design to accompany the Happy Fair!


These lanterns also cover many light posts around Tomorrowland, adding a touch much closer to traditional Japanese decor that may be seen in San Fransokyo.


Outside Tomorrowland Terrace, decals featuring Baymax and the Happy Fair logo turn many windows on the restaurant either opaque or a semi-transparent red.


And of course the photo wall featuring neon Baymax designs as well as Baymax himself is still on display across from Monsters, Inc. Ride & Go Seek.

The Happy Fair with Baymax runs through June 30th at Tokyo Disneyland, so be sure to stop in Tomorrowland on your next visit and get your pictures with these absolutely adorable decorations. And before you go, brush up on the latest in food and merchandise also available for The Happy Fair with Baymax!

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