28 September, 2022

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Nisaku model now on sale.

Why you want this: If you are in need of new gardening tools this spring but are trying to save shed space, look no further than the hori hori. Hori hori (literally translated “dig dig”) is a Japanese multipurpose blade with the ability to dig, cut, and measure. This model made by Japanese tool manufacturer Nisaku is hand-forged from high-quality stainless steel.

What the experts say: Epicurious writes, “The serrated edge is perfect for cutting through roots and woody stems, while the straight side is well suited for harvesting herbs or lettuces by the handful. For larger weed whacking, you can wield the hori hori like a machete, slicing through dense mats of knotweed, kudzu, or whatever else might plague your yard. But this tool is also nimble enough to get under plants with deep tap roots or rhizomes, making it effective at ridding your yard of weeds that always manage to sprout back up again. The same goes for harvesting root vegetables and fruits on the vine.”

What the people say: A versatile tool. (“I am very impressed with this tool, it is indispensable in the garden. I have used it to dig up weeds, dig holes in [the] garden, split perennials, and cut sod. This knife was very effective for all of those tasks. This knife is sharp: It cuts right through roots, tubers, and most plant stems.”

A weed destroyer. (“Weeds quake in fear when they see me coming with the hori hori…Even in hard packed Southern North Carolina clay soil, the hori hori can take out weeds like the terminator. It plucks large dandelion roots from the clay with ease. The serrated edge is perfect for releasing root-bound plants and trees for planting. The blade is rust resistant, and as long as you rinse and dry the hori hori like you would other tools, it’ll last for a really long time.”)

The Nisaku Hori Hori is now $20, or 23 percent off the regular price.