28 September, 2022

Bereza Fire

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Garden centers busy as people work to repair lawns damaged by derecho

FAIRFAX, Iowa (KCRG) -The warmer weather has a lot of people wanting to clean up their gardens and lawns, and some are still damaged from the August derecho. Garden centers like at Fairfax Greenhouse and Landscaping say grass seed is in high demand this year, as people are working to fix their damaged lawns and dead grass like this left from the august derecho.

Owner Tony Schmidt says the damage isn’t just from the storm, but also the clean up process. “Because of the derecho, of the trees gone, people in there with heavy equipment moving those trees, it’s all torn up. So they’re just trying to get reestablished so they’re not walking on mud,” says Schmidt.

Schmidt says he always walks customers through the best way to nurse their lawn back to health, and says not to worry about the lack of shade from lost trees. ”We always recommend a starter fertilizer. Put it down with that, break it up,” says Schmidt, “There’s more and more sun. Yeah, it’s actually gonna be healthier because of that. Because sunlight encourages grass growth.”

He says trees are also in high demand. Busy with orders from customers, their store has ordered two semi trucks full of trees…just in time for planting season.

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