26 September, 2022

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For Carolina Cucinelli, the Best Pieces of Decor Are Those That Inspire

Carolina Cucinelli is always looking for creative individuals to help tell the story of her family’s brand. That company would be none other than Italian fashion powerhouse Brunello Cucinelli, which was founded by Carolina’s father, Brunello. But while luxury pieces of apparel in neutral tones are what the brand is arguably best known for, much of Carolina’s own work focuses on decor—and how that impacts the family business.

Case in point is the spring/summer 2021 home collection. To make the tableware offerings, candles, and more truly sing, Carolina reached out to the Berlin-based food stylists and photographers Nora Eisermann and Laura Muthesius to collaborate. With a million followers on Instagram, their Our Food Stories account is a typical example of what Carolina tends to unearth in her own scouting work. 

More pieces that are now available. “During this time of year, you can feel the smell of lemons,” Carolina says of life in Solomeo.

Photo: Nora Eisermann and Laura Muthesius

For Carolina, the light in their photographs came across as particularly poignant, as did their tendency to not overly stylize tablescape shots. After all, when the Cucinelli family is dining at their home in the commune of Solomeo, it’s all about a casual sense of elegance. “I prefer to really cook something that is prepared properly—maybe something my mother produces in her vegetable garden, that is filling for your stomach and your eyes,” Carolina says. 

As for photographs Eisermann and Muthesius shot of the new Cucinelli tableware collection, the trio tried to “convey the greenery of the of the Umbrian hills,” as Carolina puts it. Later on, she adds that the central Italian province that she calls home “is actually a very famous district for ceramics,” and goes on to note the uniquely toned glazes used for these pieces. 

More generally, the overall aim of Brunello Cucinelli home goods is to speak a bit about that land. “Every time when you buy a piece of our collection, you buy a piece of our little hamlet,” Carolina says. When it comes to her personal sense of decor, it’s clear too that Carolina cares about the unique meaning behind a piece as opposed to how expensive it may or not be. Inside her own home, for example, busts of great individuals can be seen on multiple floors. The golden thread, so to speak, in terms of what thematically unites them, is that all the people featured changed the world for the better. Putting it more simply, she adds, “What I like to have in my home are pieces that inspire me.” Perhaps many will feel similarly about these latest Brunello Cucinelli offerings. 

Candles from the line also shine.

Photo: Nora Eisermann and Laura Muthesius