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Fargo restaurant speaks out after bathroom sign angers customer

FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) -Luna Fargo is taking to social media after a sign on their bathroom door upset a customer.

Luna Fargo received an email from a customer who had visited the restaurant over the weekend. The email says in part, “I took a date to Luna Saturday night and needed to use the restroom and noted that the traditional male female signs had been replaced by “wichever” on both doors. I find this totally offensive and my date chose not to use the restroom.”

Monday afternoon, Luna Fargo took to social media with the following post.

“Dear sir,

We here at Luna take all customer complaints very seriously. That is why we thought it was only right to save you the trouble of exposing us on social media, and just going ahead and doing it ourselves.

You caught us. The truth is, we consider gender neutral bathrooms to be a very small way we can let our community know that we take inclusivity very seriously. When a customer walks in our door, it is our mission to make them feel safe, comfortable and as important as possible. The fact that we also have a very small space and it only makes good business sense to label our single stall bathrooms this way, is really just an added bonus.

You should also be warned that we do not consider kindness, decency, and a strong desire to make everyone feel welcome to be a political statement. These are actually core values of our company and so we feel it is our obligation to admit just what type of organization you are supporting when you dine with us.

Lastly, you should know that in all the years these signs have been up, you are the very first person to cause a stink. We think this says something about just what an awesome community we live in and the people who choose to dine in our little local restaurant.

We regret that your future clients will not have the pleasure of dining with us, but our guess is that if you are openly sharing your excessive anger about this small little customer courtesy…you might not be looking at doing business with them either.

Best of luck to you.

Luna Fargo”

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