Exposed Bulbs & How to Incorporate Them in Your Home

Lights with exposed bulbs are a core element of the industrial trend, so it’s safe to say we’re big fans!

That being said, exposed bulb lights don’t just work in industrial-style spaces but will look at home in a range of interior styles, elevating your room whether it embraces a modern, boho or traditional look.

Here at Industville, we see all kinds of lighting trends come and go, but the exposed bulb look is a prevailing trend that offers a timeless versatility; you can incorporate them into any room in the house for a striking, edgy look.

Exposed Bulb Lighting Inspiration

So, how do you style this look in your interiors? There are countless ways to make the exposed bulb look work for you, whether you want to bring the style into your bathroom, kitchen or living room.

Get inspired by some of our favourite interiors that utilise the exposed bulb look below.

Exposed Bulb Lighting for Bathrooms

This trend offers what some might consider a sparse look, but brings a unique element to bathrooms. The highly functional yet chic look helps to elevate drab spaces in a simple way, making it ideal for modern and minimalist interiors.

Displaying exposed bulb lights on either side of your bathroom mirror can be an especially stylish option. They’ll cast a warm glow and act as task lighting to illuminate your mirror while also looking great and tying into your style or theme.

We stock numerous retro-style wall lights with exposed bulbs in different styles and finishes, so you can find the perfect fixtures for your space.

If a wall fixture isn’t what you’re after, you could also incorporate exposed bulb pendants on either side of your sink or anywhere else in the room where you want to make a statement with your vertical space.

Waterproof Lighting For Bathrooms

While you’ll want your bathroom lights to look good, they also need to be safe, so waterproof lights are essential.

At Industville, we offer a range of exposed bulb lights with an IP rating of IP65, which is required for any lighting you want to install in Zone 1 of your bathroom. You can choose from a range of styles that have this rating, meaning you never have to compromise on safety or style.

We also offer a range of lights with a rating of IP44 suitable for Zone 2. All of our lights are suitable for use in Zone 3.

Exposed Bulb Lighting for Kitchens

Exposed bulb pendant lights also look particularly good in kitchen spaces, especially when used over kitchen islands and countertops. Again, they offer an ideal task lighting solution, allowing you to prepare food at counters or work with plenty of light.

A row of three pendants offers a striking look, or a cluster of exposed bulbs is another way to add an element of eye-catching character to your space.

Consider the size and shape of your kitchen and dining area before deciding how many exposed bulb pendants would work best in your space.

A single, striking pendant pairs well with small circular dining tables, while a row of more lights or a modern chandelier is ideal for longer tables or kitchen islands.

Draping pendant lights over a bar or pole attached to the ceiling can be an effective way of creating a modern chandelier, illuminating your kitchen in a unique, stylish way.

Again, there’s nothing stopping you from going for exposed bulb wall sconces. These kinds of lights combine wonderfully with retro or country kitchen vibes and can elevate your dining spaces to a whole new level.

A combination of matching wall lights and hanging lights is another great way to incorporate the exposed bulb look into your home for a cohesive look.

Exposed Bulb Lighting for Living Rooms

When used in living rooms, exposed bulbs offer warmth and create a cosy, welcoming environment where you can relax in style. You can pair this bare, more minimal lighting style with lots of soft textiles to create a balanced interior.

Layering different kinds of lights with multiple fixtures is also beneficial for living rooms, as you want to create a space with dimension and depth. Numerous styles of exposed bulb lights spaced around the living room will help you cultivate the perfect ambience, highlighting certain spots and casting shadows in all the right places.

A combination of pendants and wall lights with exposed bulbs is a great way to create different layers of light and spotlights of brightness in different areas of your living room.

Again, multiple hanging bulb pendants can be artfully arranged to create a fresh take on statement lighting that has become a staple for living rooms over recent years.

Pairing Exposed Bulbs With Metallic Finishes

Bright metallics like brass and copper work brilliantly with the exposed bulb look, reflecting light and adding to the richness that this trend can provide.

Natural metals are also incredibly versatile and provide a timeless look, allowing you to seamlessly incorporate them into your current interiors.

Pairing metallic fixtures and exposed bulbs with other complementary features, like mirrors, picture frames or other fixtures, can be especially effective in pulling a room together and ensuring every element reflects a cohesive, curated style.

Here at Industville, our fixtures come with a choice of brass, copper or pewter finishes, along with the brand new matt black lighting collection, giving you the ideal option for every room in the house.

Partial Shades & Caged Lights

If you’re not sold on the completely naked bulb look, partial shades and caged lights are a brilliant alternative option.

These styles offer just as much versatility while still giving you that industrial flavour to your interiors.

Partial shades will often sit above your bulb, providing some cover and a more extensive silhouette while still allowing the simple elegance of the bulb to shine through.

Our Brooklyn Flat and Sleek Flat shades are exceptional examples of this concept. This style works well in country kitchens, but can be incorporated in any room or with any aesthetic for a sleek look.

Lights with cage shades also embody this idea as they showcase the bulb while toning down the sheer, exposed look.

Again, caged lights are so effective because they’re so versatile – they will look at home in industrial-style interiors as well as rooms with a traditional or modern twist.

If the interiors we’ve showcased have convinced you to incorporate this look into your home, take a look at our collection of exposed bulb light fixtures to find the perfect style for you!

Alternatively, explore our extensive range of industrial-style lights to see what other fixtures we offer.

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