May 10, 2021

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Breegan Jane’s towel color tip is a failsafe bathroom option

When we spoke to interior designer and HGTV’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition star Breegan Jane as part of her work with Amazon Devices, she shared the simplest interiors trick going.

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On the topic of the bathroom, which she says is the most important room to get right, Breegan said she tells male friends to get rid of their random, old towels and replace them with all white ones.

white bathroom

(Image credit: Sanctuary Bathrooms)

‘Those private spaces where you literally wash off the day are really important to feel good,’ Breegan says. She adds that we always forget to take the time to curate the space in our bathrooms, but it’s so important.

‘White towels in a basket, always clean and ready to go, it will change your life,’ she says. ‘I’m always telling clients, just get all white towels. It will give you this crisp refresh.’

white bath tub

(Image credit: Sanctuary Bathrooms)

She goes on to say that she asks every single dad she knows about the kind of towels they have. ‘They’re like “I don’t know, I’ve got the blue one and then I have a green one…”‘

Breegan says she tells them to throw them all away and get fresh white, clean towels. ‘Trust me,’ she tells them, ‘your future girlfriend will thank me.’

pink bathroom with tiles and shelf

(Image credit: Sanctuary Bathrooms)

‘It’s the simplest of tricks. I literally have made male friends of mine go on Amazon, it’s that easy, I’m like “Go right now!”‘