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16 things to get your lawn and garden in shape this spring

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The first day that the weather here in New England was above 45, my boyfriend and I headed out into our yard to start our spring clean-up. We’re new homeowners, so we’re admittedly a bit overzealous—plus, our new yard needs quite a bit of work—but it’s definitely the time of year when you should start thinking about your lawn and gardens.

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The work you do in the spring will set you up for a summer of luscious grass and vibrant flower beds, and if yard work isn’t your favorite chore, there are several tools that will help make your spring maintenance much easier. Before you head out into the yard to start tidying up, make sure you have these 16 tools primed and ready to go.

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1. A heavy-duty wheelbarrow for carting around supplies

This wheelbarrow will help you move dirt, debris, and more.

There are so many lawn and garden tasks that are made significantly easier with the help of a wheelbarrow—cleaning up sticks, raking leaves, spreading mulch, even planting your gardens, This heavy-duty wheelbarrow will help you with all these chores, as it has a spacious steel tray and solid rubber tire that will never go flat. It even has leg stabilizers to reduce the risk of tipping, as well as durable hardwood handles that will serve you well for years to come.

Get the Jackson Heavy Gauge Seamless Steel Wheelbarrow from Home Depot for $196.34

2. A cordless hedge trimmer for pruning your plants

This tool comes with two blades--one for trimming and one for sheering.

If you have bushes that need shaping or weeds that need trimming, this electric tool from Sun Joe will help you get the job done quickly and efficiently. The multi-use tool comes with interchangeable sheering and trimming blades, and it runs on a 7.2-volt battery, meaning your movement won’t be limited by a power cord. The hedge trimmer is lightweight and easy to use, and it’s sure to come in handy all year round.

Get the Sun Joe 7.2-Volt 4-6 Inch Cordless Grass/ Hedge Trimmer from Bed Bath & Beyond for $39.99

3. A long hose for watering your lawn and gardens

Say goodbye to annoying kinks!

Hoses are notoriously finicky—they’re always getting kinked and tangled, and if you accidentally pop a hole in one, you’ll end up spraying water all over your yard. However, this unique hose solves these common woes thanks to its unique metal construction. Its no-kink design maintains a steady stream of water, and its 50-foot length is ideal for watering all around your yard without any snags.

Get the Bernini 50′ XL No-Kink Metal Garden Hose from QVC for $54.50

4. A sturdy shovel for gardening

Every homeowner needs a good shovel, and this one fits the bill.

Planting your annuals will be much easier when you have a durable shovel in your shed. This digging shovel from Ames is ideal for all sorts of yard work thanks to its pointed steel blade and comfort step, which allows you to push it into the ground more easily. It has a long 46.5-inch fiberglass handle, and the brand offers a 15-year warranty on the tool in case it ever breaks.

Get the Ames Fiberglass Handle Digging Shovel from Home Depot for $18.98

5. Lots of mulch to freshen up your landscaping

A thick layer of mulch will keep weeds from growing in your gardens.

You can banish weeds from your garden beds with the help of this affordable brown mulch. Each bag covers 1.5 cubic feet of space, and the brand recommends using a 3-inch layer to block weed growth. It also helps to conserve soil moisture, which is great for nearby plants. The mulch will maintain its color for up to 12 months, and you can always top it off with a fresh bag when needed.

Get Earthgro Brown Mulch from Home Depot for $3.48

6. A convenient battery-powered lawn mower for yard maintenance

This self-propelled lawn mower runs on a rechargeable battery.

I’m a huge fan of RYOBI tools—they’re incredibly convenient and eco-friendly with battery-powered operation, and they often perform just as well as gas-powered alternatives. In particular, the brand has some great electric lawn mowers, including this popular walk-behind model. It has a 20-inch deck that’s ideal for maintaining small yards, and it offers 3-in-1 side discharge, bagging, and mulching capabilities. Plus, it has a self-propelled rear-wheel drive that will help you power up hills with ease.

Get the RYOBI 20 in. Battery Walk Behind Self-Propelled Lawn Mower from Home Depot for $399

7. Yard bags to aid in spring clean-up

These versatile lawn bags are great to have around when doing yard work.

I’m betting that you’ll find numerous uses for these heavy-duty yard bags, which can each hold up to 1,000 pounds. Yes, you read that right. The 128-ounce bags are made from durable polypropylene and are ideal for holding leaves, grass clippings, or other debris from around your yard. They stand up by themselves, which makes them easy to load, and you get a set of two for a pretty reasonable price.

Get the DuraSack Heavy-Duty Home and Yard Bag, 2-Pack from HSN for $27.99

8. A pad to protect your knees when gardening

Protect your knees with this cushy kneeling pad.

Whether you’re 20-years-old or 80, chances are your knees will get sore after a long day of kneeling in the garden. The Kneelo Pad can help to ward off those aches and pains, serving as a cushion when you’re kneeling or sitting on the ground. The design is lightweight and waterproof, and it provides 2 inches of cushioning. The pad comes in several pretty colors, and it can also be used as a seat cushion on bleachers or other hard surfaces.

Get the Kneelo Kneeling Pad from Gardener’s Supply Company for $37.95

9. A rake for spreading mulch and cleaning gardens

This rake will quickly become one of your favorite garden tools.

Another must-have item for pretty much every homeowner? A garden rake. This bow rake has an extremely durable forged steel head with 15 tines, and it’s mounted on an extra-long fiberglass handle with a comfortable cushion grip. It’s ideal for breaking up soil, spreading mulch, and leveling your gardens, and its long handle saves you from having to bend over, which can help prevent back strain.

Get the Razor-Back 15-Tine Forged Bow Rake from Home Depot for $28.98

10. Lawn fertilizer to cultivate luscious green grass

You'll have a lush, green lawn in no time!

If you want to have the greenest grass on your block, you’re going to need a great fertilizer, and one well-known and trusted option is Scotts Turf Builder. This lawn fertilizer can be used on any type of grass and helps to thicken grass, which can crowd out weeds. It’s also great for building deep root systems, which is key if you live in an area where the summer weather is hot and dry. The fertilizer can be applied during any season and lasts for up to six weeks.

Get Scotts Turf Builder Lawn Fertilizer from Home Depot for $17.48

11. A tool to spread your lawn fertilizer

This spreader makes it quick and easy to apply fertilizer.

If you’re going to feed your lawn, you need to apply the product evenly. Otherwise, you may end up with splotchy or streaky results. Luckily, Scotts offers this affordable mini spreader, which makes it quick and easy to spread fertilizer on your lawn. The walk-behind spreader has a control panel that lets you select how much product is applied and it delivers consistent coverage across your whole lawn. It even has the brand’s EdgeGuard technology, which keeps fertilizer off landscaping, driveways, and garden beds.

Get the Scotts Turf Builder EdgeGuard Mini Broadcast Spreader from Home Depot for $36.48

12. A sprinkler to water your lawn and gardens

This sprinkler allows you to customize its coverage pattern.

Yes, sprinklers are fun to run through on hot summer days, but they’re also one of the best ways to keep your yard and garden beds watered throughout the spring and summer. This oscillating sprinkler covers up to 3,600 square feet with its 16 clog-resistant nozzles, and you can set it to water exactly where needed with customizable coverage patterns. It hooks up to a standard garden hose, and it gets top marks from reviewers who say it’s easy to adjust.

Get the Aqua Joe Steel Base Oscillating Sprinkler from QVC for $30.40

13. An easy-to-use edging kit for your landscaping

You can install this garden edging without any digging.

You can keep grass out of your garden and give your landscaping a neat, professional appearance using this edging kit. It comes with 60 feet of edging and the flexible design allows you to create a custom shape. There’s no digging required for installation—you simply position the L-shaped piece along the edge of your garden beds and anchor them with the included spikes.

Get the Vigoro No-Dig Landscape Edging Kit from Home Depot for $39.98

14. A weed wacker, or whatever you want to call it

This string trimmer is the best one we've ever tested.

Growing up, we always called this tool a weed wacker—it was only a few years ago that I discovered it’s actually called a string trimmer. (And some people also call them weed eaters?) No matter what you call them, string trimmers are another handy power tool to keep around, as they let you beat back weeds that grow in hard-to-reach areas. Greenworks makes our favorite string trimmer because it has no carbon footprint and was comfortable to use for long periods of time.

Get the Greenworks 13-Inch 4 Amp Electric Corded String Trimmer from Amazon for $29.98

15. These gloves that protect your forearms

These gloves perfect for all your tasks.

Gardening is tough on your hands, which is where these Showa Atlas gloves come in handy. They’re the best gardening gloves we’ve ever tested because they offer protection while still being breathable and flexible. They come in several sizes, and you can toss them in the washing machine for easy cleaning.

Get the Showa Atlas 370 Gloves from Amazon for $5.15

16. Adorable garden stakes to mark your vegetables

Keep your garden beds organized with these copper stakes.

Once you’ve planted your vegetable and herb gardens, you can keep all the little seedlings straight using these adorable handmade garden stakes. The Etsy seller allows you to choose between several heights, and the stakes are made from durable copper that will develop a beautiful tarnish over time. The stakes are available for just about every vegetable and herb you can think of, but if you need a plant that’s not on the list, the seller will also make a custom one for you.

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